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Our pre-school water confidence classes are all about fun in the water! Your child can join us at any age as we have different levels of classes to suit their ability.

Some children join us and are petrified of water and need gentle classes to encourage them to love the water whilst other children join us who love the water and we challenge them from the start.

Once your child can swim 3 metres breathing exercises are developed to enable your child to swim much further.

We teach all 4 strokes, We change from front and back paddle to front crawl and back crawl. We encourage a breast stroke action and also teach butterfly legs!

Many of our pupils will have learned to swim before they reach school age giving them an advantage in school swimming lessons as well as giving them the knowledge and skills to be safe around open water.

Pre-school lessons still require a parent or guardian to accompany the child in the water to assist and encourage them as they get closer to swimming on their own.

Our programme follows the STAnley series by the Swimming Teachers Association.

Our Childrens Lessons follow on from our pre-school classes.



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