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You can join our baby beginners classes as soon as your baby has head control, generally 10 weeks+.

We give you the confidence and support to discover the wonderful world of water with your new arrival.

Our pools have been picked as they are all lovely and warm and always 30oC or warmer. We always have the sole use of the pool so there are no outside noises and distractions.

We encourage you to bond with your baby in the water and teach you different holds and techniques to strengthen and develop your babies body. Lessons are always fun but structured and we use toys and songs to stimulate your baby.

Submerging your baby forms part of our programme however we only do this when parent and baby are both ready. Underwater swims are limited to a maximum of 3 swims per session.

As your child develops we introduce safety techniques, encouraging them to hold onto the pool wall, climb out and enter the pool safely. These are ‘life-saving skills’.

The baby programme follows the Starfish Badge scheme with the Swimming Teachers Association and all our teachers have the baby and pre school qualification. Please see here for full details of the STA Starfish badge scheme.

Our Pre-school Lessons follow on from our baby classes with many children and parents moving up the classes together.



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